bae: come over no ones home
me: what games do u have

clutches vivi to chest

precious child it will be okay

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people who think being considerate of other peoples’ mental illnesses is “coddling” them

what the fuck is wrong with you


We are trying

Reminder: You are under no obligation to look pretty.


Not when you are laying around the house, not when you go to the grocery store, not when you sit in a classroom, not when you go to the gym. You are never obligated to get dressed up just so you are pretty for others.

Pretty is not the rent you pay to exist in the world as a woman. 



date someone who wants to be with you

date someone who will always follow you

date someone who will always try to help you

date someone who will be there when you’re hurt

date your healer



people who can master that anime-but-not-really-anime art style are to be feared


people that will always talk in caps with you are the best people because that means instant friendship